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"Strings Attached" Ticket - February 13


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Limit 2 tickets per order

Performance Attendee Policies

  1. We ask that all who attend have received covid vaccinations.
  2. This season’s RSVP will be limited for health and safety, and our audience will be distanced and masked. 
  3. Limit 2 tickets per order to allow for audience social distancing.
  4. Backorder a ticket to be added to the waitlist. If any seats are still open at 7:20 pm, those on the waitlist will be allowed to enter.

Concert Information

  1. Masks will be required at all times.
  2. Parking is available. There are two Buffalo Soldiers National Museum parking lots, please do not park in the Houston Community College parking (they will tow).
  3. The Herzstein Gallery is on the 2nd floor of Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, and there is an elevator.
  4. Programming will last around 75 minutes without a formal intermission. Restrooms are available.

No Reservation is necessary to watch the livestream.

Visit the event page or navigate to our YouTube channel on the evening of the concert to tune in to the livestream. No reservations are required. Our audio quality is excellent, so put us on your hi-fi and pull up a chair!